Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Advent Conspiracy

If you have not already heard of The Advent Conspiracy, please take time to watch this video and consider how you can be involved::

Last year we had a couple families give to His Voice for Sudan instead of exchanging gifts! I have heard all kinds of great stories of people giving money to help build water wells, helping send missionaries to remote lands, providing for single parent families in their church and buying animals for families around the world so they can eat. All these things by simply buying less extravagant gifts and giving more relational gifts.

One example may be: Instead of giving a nephew a $40 gift card, buy two tickets to the cheap seats of his favorite sports team and go with him. Spend $15 and give the other budgeted $25 to your favorite non-profit or even better, tell him about a child in need and let him brain storm how the $25 could help them.

Happy Conspiring!

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  1. Yeah! This will be the third year my church participates in Advent Conspiracy both as a church and as individuals. We have little gift making workshops where people can come make low cost hand made gifts instead of buying them. We raise money and it goes to water wells in Pokot, Kenya. It's been awesome to watch this project over a few years, and see the different ways people get involved and are creative. So yeah. That's my piece.