Monday, November 16, 2009

Thoughts from Tim Keller

I am reading Tim Keller's new book called Counterfeit Gods. It is amazing!

Here is a great quote that he gave about reading the Bible:

We usually read the Bible as a series of disconnected stories, each with a "moral" for how we should live our lives. It is not. Rather, it comprises a single story, telling us how the human race got into its present condition, and how God through Jesus Christ has come and will come to put things right. In other words, the Bible doesn't give us a god at the top of a moral ladder saying, "If you try hard to summon up your strength and live right, you can make it up!" Instead, the Bible repeatedly shows us weak people who don't deserve God's grace, don't seek it, and don't appreciate it even after they have received it.

Have you ever read the Word as MAINLY trying to get something out of it for yourself and put the MAIN STORY as secondary? I definitely have. If you have not done this, good deal. Keller's words have been a timely reminder and encouragement.

What do you think about his thoughts?

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